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Raid dnb

It's 2017 and Raid is 38 years young.

His musical background comes from learning to play the piano, trumpet and studying music theory. He grew up listening to many different genres of music. By the time he was 14/15 though, he had found jungle and he fell in love with the breaks.

He had moved to Northern Ireland by the time he was 16 where unfortunately jungle was not popular. It was 1995 and he did his best to collect tape packs and go to record shops in Belfast where he would go through the jungle vinyl that they did have so he could start a collection. He didn’t have decks, but he prized his vinyl.

In 1997, he moved back to England, got some decks and taught himself to DJ. By 1998 he started promoting for a few years, so he has a wealth of knowledge of the scene, and these nights always had good turnouts.

He has played on various pirate radio stations across Kent and is an experienced DJ.

In 2009 he returned to college to study sound engineering. He went on to finish the course and pass with a triple merit in 2011.

2015 he built and moved into a new studio and has been working on his sound since!

Raid's "Feel From You / Funk You" will be out on Sliced Note Recordings on March 27th 2017.